Founder: Helga Steinle

Director: Eva-Christina Kraus


Galerie Steinle founded 2003

Relaunch Steinle Contemporary 2008

The artists represented by Steinle Contemporary share a critical interest in strategies of collaborative production and interdisciplinary contexts of action. Their work is not limited to any specific material or medium. Rather, their investigations occasion objects, images, films as well as performances and ephemeral sculptures. This activity is often driven by a principle of refusal, so as not to satisfy a discourse of purely aesthetic concerns, but rather to employ form, material and space as visual and intellectual tools with which to communicate complex, highly abstract subject matters. This serves to concentrate on the implicit power of the respective contexts and references.


The artists represented by Steinle Contemporary seek to critically examine the dilemmas of artistic presentation and representation with a particular awareness of the spectator's sensitive intermediate position. Spatial concerns are pivotal for many of the artists' works, so that concepts of display can be defined and employed as practical tools.

At Steinle Contemporary, we define our involvement in producing and showcasing art as a tool to inspire artistic and intellectual activity, thus expanding a public awareness of contemporary art and increasing proficiency in dealing with it.

Steinle Contemporary (formerly Galerie Steinle) was founded in 2003 by Helga Steinle as a gallery focusing on contemporary art. Since joining the gallery as its creative director in 2008, Dr. Eva-Christina Kraus has reworked the gallery setup. At the gallery space in Munich, talks by and with the artists and curators often accompany their solo exhibitions and thematic group shows. Steinle Contemporary regularly showcases work by its artists in cooperation with institutions and at key venues of international contemporary art.

Tim Bennett


Carsten Fock

Kasper Kovitz

Schirin Kretschmann

Bo Christian Larsson

Phillipp Messner

Ulrike Müller

Tilo Schulz

Simon Wachsmuth